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This section provides a range of resources about care planning, including the Take Charge resources.

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Te Kete Haerenga – Your Journey to Wellbeing Kete

Te Kete Haerenga – our online self-management toolkit – will give power back to you in your journey to wellbeing and hauora. Designed for and with people living with long-term health conditions (LTCs), the kete can be used to describe what's important to you and your whānau, what you wish to achieve in your life and how others can best support you in that journey.

Health Navigator, NZ

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Collaborative care and support planning

The RCGP is working with NHS England to support GPs and primary care teams deliver person-centred care. The person-centred care approach can reduce pressures on the primary care team and bring increased professional satisfaction to GPs. It empowers individuals to take an active role in managing their own health and well-being, working alongside the GP's medical expertise and that of other professionals.

Royal College of General Practitioners, UK

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Care planning, the process and examples

Year of Care Partnerships have now worked with a number of organisations to implement care and support planning in a variety of settings and with different conditions. This includes diabetes, multiple long term conditions within a primary care setting and multimorbidity / older people living with frailty.

Year of Care Partnerships, UK

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Take charge resources

The Taking Charge resources are ideal for assisting with care planning and encouraging people to identify some areas they can work on themselves to improve their health. There are two versions: Take Charge My Toolkit and Take Charge My Health Plan.

Health Navigator, NZ

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Core information on personalised care and support planning

One of three handbooks developed by NHS England and the Coalition for Collaborative Care which provide practical support for good long-term condition management. Includes information on service components and draws on the latest research, best practice and case studies to show how this can be done.

NHS England, UK

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Care and support planning guide

Care and support planning is a defined process which helps people set their own aims, and then secures the support and care that are needed to achieve them. It is the key that unlocks person centred, coordinated care. ​ National Voices has produced a guide to care and support planning designed to help anyone - people with needs, or health and social care staff to understand and take part in this process.

National Voices, UK

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Care Planning, Berkshire West Federated CCG website

This page contains information on Year of Care and Support planning training courses, events and resources. ​ 3 minute reflection tool Consultation skills worksheet Post-consultation evaluation tool Envisage slide show Person-centred care: RCGP: Improving the lives of people with LTCs

NHS Berkshire West, UK

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Person-centred care resource centre

The new resource centre is designed to help healthcare professionals implement a more person-centred healthcare service, where people are supported to more effectively manage and make informed decisions about their own health and care.

The Health Foundation, UK

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Diabetes annual review test results letter template

A letter template for diabetes annual review appointment.

Tower Hamlets, UK

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