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Optimising long-term condition management for Pacific people

Workforce development pages

Introducing Debbie Ryan


Debbie Ryan runs Pacific Perspectives a health research consultancy that aims to improve the health of Pacific people. In this video Debbie talks about some of the key findings of the research she has recently undertaken as part of the Health and Disability System Review.

The report described in this video, Tofa Saili, can be found here. There is a series of case studies that accompany Tofa Saili. These explore in more depth and illustrate some of the key issues and recommendations made in the report. 

More organisations


There are a large number of organisations with an interest in the health and wellbeing of Pacific people.

In the video, Debbie mentioned Pasifika Futures and those listed on the Ministry of Health website.

Additionally, there are community directories, council forums, Pacific radio stations, cultural and arts networks. Some organisations specialise in employment and training matters. Most of these groups are small regional or locality based.


Professional support and information

The Pasifika Medical Association is a network of Pacific health professionals, working collaboratively to strengthen Pacific health workforce capacity and capability and to meet the health needs of Pacific people in the region.

The Pacific Chapter of the New Zealand Medical Association comprises of members that identify as Pasifika, and members who serve communities with large Pacific populations or have an interest in Pacific health issues.

The Pan Pacific Nurses Association of New Zealand is a professional association of nurses in New Zealand and across the Pacific.

The Pacific Nursing Section is a part of the New Zealand Nurses Association.

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