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About Self-Management Support NZ

This website is designed for health providers who are interested in self-management, care planning, health literacy and working in partnership with their clients, patients and families.

If you have suggestions of new resources or general feedback, please contact support@healthnavigator.org.nz.

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Care plans & action plans

A care plan is useful when you have several people involved in your care or you have ongoing health issues so everyone is on the 'same page' as to what matters to you (your goals, values and preferences) and what's planned together with your healthcare team for the next 12 months to improve your health or wellbeing.


Care plans

Health Navigator, NZ

This booklet is for patients and ideal for anyone wanting to get back in the 'driver's seat' of their health and improve the areas they can influence. Nearly everyone can improve some aspects of their health and wellbeing with the right knowledge, support and skills which this booklet will help you learn.

Take Charge My Toolkit

Health Navigator, NZ

This is a shorter version of the Take Charge Workbook. Ideal for those who want a short version focused just on the care plan sections. Ideal assessment and care planning resource for use by health providers as above.

Take Charge My Health Plan

Health Navigator, NZ

Wellbeing action plan for depression.


Action plans and acute plans

This section includes a range of resources which are sometimes called action plans, acute plans or self-management plans which focus on early warning signs and what actions a person should take. 

Health Navigator, NZ

Early warning signs plan also known as acute plan or emergency plan.

Early warning signs plan

Waitemata DHB, NZ

A web-based tool that health professionals can use to produce personalised pictorial asthma resources in English and three Pacific languages.

Pictorial asthma medication plan

KidsHealth, NZ

Action plan for bronchiectasis.

Bronchiectasis action plan

Lung Foundation Australasia

COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) action plan.


Counties Manukau DHB, NZ

Starting allopurinol action plan.


Heart Foundation, NZ

Angina action plan.

Angina action plan

Asthma Foundation, NZ

Asthma action plan for children.

Asthma action plan

Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology & Allergy

Range of action plans for anipen or epipen.


Auckland DHB, NZ

Action plan to stay well and keep out of hospital.

My Blue Card for COPD

Asthma Foundation, NZ

Asthma self-management plan.

Asthma self-management plan

Asthma Foundation, NZ

Use together with child asthma action plan.

Asthma symptom diary

Asthma Foundation, NZ

COPD self-management plan.


Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology & Allergy

Eczema action plan (interactive - can write name, meds etc).


Additional tools and resources

This section includes examples of some of the tools and resources you may find useful as patient tasks when creating care plans with patients and clients.

Health Navigator, NZ

Monitor your headaches for a week or two then show to your doctor. Helps see any patterns or triggers.

Headache diary

Health Quality & Safety Commission, NZ

Range of resources about advance care planning.

Advance care planning

Heart Foundation, NZ

Heart failure action plan.

Heart failure

Health Navigator, NZ

Write down what your sleep is like. Look for patterns, what helps, what makes any sleep problems worse. Show to your doctor.

Take Charge sleep tips tracker

Health Navigator, NZ

Use this to track what medicine you're taking and when.

Medicines list

Health Navigator, NZ

Use this diary to monitor anything from bowel symptoms to period pains to headaches.

Symptom diary