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Here are some webinars relating to self-management support.

consumer webinar.JPG

How the HCH model is changing the landscape in how primary care is provided

  • Consumer webinar by Bridget Allan, Merle Samuels and Gary Sutcliffe

  • October 2020

telehealth tech webinar.JPG

Telehealth tech 

  • Panellists discussed a broad range of topics including privacy, security, software and hardware.

equity webianr.JPG

Equity and improving access 

  • This webinar was co-hosted by the NZ Telehealth Leadership Group, Health Navigator and Health Literacy NZ.

introduction to NZ telehealth webinar.JP

An introduction to telehealth for NZ health providers

  • This webinar was moderated by Dr Ruth Large.

  • Guests discussed a broad range of topics including clinical, legal, software, security and more.

three steps to effective communication.J

Health literacy: Three steps to effective communication to support self-management


social network and care map video.JPG

Social support network and care maps with Jessica Young

  • Webinar by Jessica Young

  • September 2017

chronic pain management.JPG

Chronic pain and conservative pain management

  • Webinar by Andrew Imrie, a physiotherapist based in Wellington.

patient portals in primary care.JPG

Practice benefits of patient portals 

  • Changing & improving delivery of care through patient portals.

practical tips and tools to improve the

Practical tips and tools to improve patient experience

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