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This website is designed for health providers who are interested in self-management, care planning, health literacy and working in partnership with their clients, patients and families.

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Person-centred care

Person-centred care, also known as patient-centred care, can be defined as "providing care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values and ensuring that patient values guide all clinical decisions." (Institute of Medicine)

Principles of patient-centred care

The widely accepted dimensions of patient-centred care are:

  • respect

  • emotional support

  • physical comfort

  • information and communication

  • continuity and transition

  • care coordination

  • involvement of family and carers

  • access to care.

These dimensions form the backbone of numerous quality improvement programmes and surveys measuring patients’ experience of healthcare.

Patient-centred care is a fundamental aspect of self-management support. Involving people in decisions about their health is key to delivering on this. Find out more about sharing decisions and helping people make choices about their health here.

Consumer engagement is pivotal to improving quality, safety and clinical effectiveness in healthcare. It is one of the foundations of person-centred care. To find out more about consumer engagement in Primary Care, read the publication here

Find out more about some New Zealand initiatives to develop more person-centred care models here:

For more information about person- and patient-centred care, visit the section on Health Navigator NZ here.

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