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There are numerous resources and organisations providing peer training, mentoring and supervision, including the groups listed below.

Peer Support worker development

This initiative supports the competency and role development of the peer support workforce to reflect the rapidly changing workplace environment of mental health and addiction services. To find out more about this work, read our case study.


Organisations providing training, mentoring & supervision

ComCare Trust

  • Offers a range of peer support services, mentoring and supervision

  • Training course – 30 hours over 6 weeks, based on Intentional Peer Support Training Programme

  • Based in Christchurch and Canterbury

Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Peer Support)

  • Careerforce


National Certificate in Mental Health and Addiction Support (Level 4)

  • 32-week course from the Future Skills Academy, Auckland

Mind and Body Consultants

  • New Zealand Certificate in Health & Wellbeing (Peer Support)

  • Workshops

  • Supervision for peer support workers 


  • Workshops, peer-developed resources and consultancy for peer services


Further reading

Davidson L, Bellamy C, Kimberly G, Miller R. Peer support among persons with severe mental illnesses: a review of the evidence and experience World Psychiatry 2012 June;11(2):123–28.

Service user, consumer and peer workforce: a guide for planner and funders Te Pou o te Whaakaro Nui, NZ, 2018

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