Take Charge


The Take Charge resources are ideal for assisting with care planning and encouraging people to identify some areas they can work on themselves to improve their health.

On this page you will find these resources or scroll down to download:

Take Charge: My Toolkit 

This booklet is ideal for anyone wanting to get back in the 'driver's seat' of their health and improve the areas they can influence. Nearly everyone can improve some aspects of their health and wellbeing with the right knowledge, support and skills, which this booklet will help you develop. 


  • Can be worked through on your own and then with your healthcare team.

  • Ideal assessment and care planning tool for nurses, GPs, allied health staff and health coaches.

  • 40 pages

Take Charge: My Health Plan

  • This is a shorter version of the Take Charge Toolkit.

  • It is ideal for those who want a short version focused just on the care plan sections.

  • Ideal assessment and care planning resource for use by health providers as above.

  • 9 pages

A Guide to Care Planning using Take Charge

  • This is a guide on how to effectively use Take Charge resources for care planning

  • 12 pages

Action plan: Wall chart

  • ​This one-pager can be shared with patients and clients to put on their fridge, mirror or wall to remind them or their family/whānau what to do and who to contact if they become unwell.     

Early warning signs plan


  • This popular acute plan or early warning signs plan can be used for anything from COPD to heart failure, migraines or gout attacks. 

  • For many of these and other conditions, earlier treatment can often minimise time off work and severity or even prevent admissions to hospital.

  • Use this plan to identify key symptoms or signs to watch for and provide clear instructions of what to do when. 

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