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This section provides information on trainings available and related resources for health coaching.

Health coaching – an introduction for health professionals

health coaching module.JPG

Part a – facilitator guide

This module provides a brief introduction to the concept and approach of health coaching that all health professionals can adopt and use with patients and clients. Facilitator guide developed by Health Navigator NZ & Health Literacy NZ

health coaching handout.JPG

Part b – handout

Handout developed by Health Navigator NZ & Health Literacy NZ

Who can become a health coach?

In New Zealand people in these roles have been trained as health coaches:

  • receptionists
  • healthcare assistants

  • Whanau ora workers

  • community health workers

  • peer support workers

  • care coordinators

  • Stanford course leader

  • primary care practice assistants

  • navigators.


Training options for health coaches

As the role of health coaches is relatively new in New Zealand, the options for formal NZQA qualifications for health coaches is limited. However, there is a lot of interest and additional NZQA courses are likely to appear over the next 12 -18 months. 

The following courses provide a useful starting point. You will then need to continue learning and developing your skillset through a range of additional trainings as shown further below. 

Janine and Merle.JPG

Health Navigator NZ & Health Literacy NZ 2-day training course

This two-day initial training course is delivered at the request of District Health Boards and Primary Health Organisations. After the course participants need to be supported in their practice to use their health coach skills. Workshop content includes culture competence, building health literacy, listening skills, behaviour change, care planning, social networks, using written resources and apps with patients, confidentiality, privacy and staying safe as a health coach. 

For enquiries contact Susan from Health Literacy NZ

Kia kaha project.JPG

Tamaki Health health coach training

Tamaki Health also provides a two-day training course based on the Health Coaching curriculum develooed by the USA's Centre for Excellence in Primary Care.

For more information contact Leona from Tamaki Health


PreKure health coach certificate

This certificate provides the practical tools and resources you need to make your job as a health coach, GP, nurse, nutritionist, physiotherapist, or caregiver easier. You'll discover the evidence based for preventative medicine, enjoy more job satisfaction and see better health outcomes for your clients/patients. PreKure is also NZQA micro credentialed to level 5 (diploma level) and can provide practicum training in the core skills and competencies of health coaching, alongside preventative lifestyle medicine education.

Visit website here


Holistic Performance Institute health coach training

Holistic Performance Institute provides a number of training courses to become a health coach, nutrition coach, or fully qualified and Accredited Sports Nutritionist or Clinical Nutritionist eligible for registration with the New Zealand Clinical Nutrition Association with online nutrition courses and health coach courses from The Holistic Performance Institute..

Visit website here.

Additional skills or training

In addition, existing skills are likely to come from completing one or more of the following courses:

Then, depending on a potential health coach's previous skills and background, one or more of the following training programmes could be useful to fill out any gaps:




Health coaching tools and resources University of California Centre for Excellence in Primary Care 
The lay person Improving Primary Care Guide LEAP Programme


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