Shared medical appointments guide

Pinnacle Health Network has created an online guide. To view, contact Pinnacle as the website is password protected.

Pinnacle Health, NZ

Ambulatory care improvement guide

Section 6: Strategies for improving patient experience with ambulatory care – group visits

Agency for Health Research & Quality, US

Shared medical appointments Australasia

The Australasian Lifestyle Medicine members have collated a range of resources about group visits and shared medical appointments on the Lifestyle Medicine website. They also offer​ an introductory free webinar, an online training course and an option to be registered as an ASLM Certified SMA Facilitator.

Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine

Putting group visits into practice

Guide developed by Massachusetts General Hospital, US, 2012

Massachusetts General Hospital, US

Introduction to shared medical appointments (SMAs) webinar

This webinar was held on 28 February 2018, featuring Profs Garry Egger and John Stevens, Jordhana Clark (ASLM’s Education Coordinator) and Stephen Penman (Executive Director). Watch the webinar here to hear an overview about shared medical appointments and their implementation in Australia.

Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine

Group visit starter kit

Group Health has been supporting group visits for over 20 years. This Starter Kit, while dated (2001), is still useful with a range of resources, visit guides, sample letters and learnings teams will find helpful when getting started.

Group Health, US