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This page provides information on training for care planning and useful resources available. 

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Care planning is one of the areas primary care and DHB teams have regularly asked about for training and support. There is a range of training resources on care planning, some are shown below. 

Care planning modules

care planning skills training module.JPG

To address the need for care planning training, the following training modules have been developed. These include presenter slideset and a facilitator guide. These can be used by PHOs, DHBs, and clinical team leads. 

care planning skills training facilitato

Facilitator guide for care planning skiils training developed by Health Literacy, NZ & Health Literacy, NZ. 

Care planning workshops


Flinders program

There are a number of Flinders trainer available in New Zealand, contact Health Navigator NZ team to find out more. 

Online learning

BMJ Learning care planning module.JPG

Care planning: a guide for practice nurses (BMJ Learning)

People with long-term conditions should have a plan of care to help them self-manage. This module looks at the different approaches and designs of care plans – so that you can assist patients with enduring mental and/or physical health problems. BMJ Learning, 2016

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